Dorm Assignments

Yes, during your enrollment at World W. Academy of Fine Arts, you will live on campus in a spacious dorm room. Dorms are organized with 2 students to a room, houses by the continent of origin. Only members of the same gender may share a dorm!

Unlike other schools, however, we allow our students to choose their room-mate, as long as the said student is in the same house and of the same gender. And this is where we hold our sign ups.
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Character Profiles

Your character profiles are important because they tell everyone a little bit of vital information about your character. This information is mainly all up to you and your imagination. Just use the template and follow my lead~



Oi you! Yes, you. Stop mucking about and get over here, it's time for Orientation. Yes, just take a seat over there and we'll begi-- What? Oh, I'm Arthur Kirkland from England, the Student Council President. Yes, it's nice to meet you as well. You've what? ... I TRY TO COOK BADLY -face flushes-. Just go sit over there. Alright, now we can begin.

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Band Sign-Up Sheet

Okay, believe it or not, Prussia's in charge of this gig. Yeah, you read correctly. I know my stuff. Think you have what it takes? By all means, comment below. I want to see who wants what instrument. And yes, your voice is an instrument. There isn't really a limit, at least, not yet, but there can definitely be more than one person on each instrument. Don't run each other over, though. I don't like cleaning up fights. D8

Just comment this entry to claim what you want.



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Notes of Absence

So this is where you will give us notice if you know you are going to be offline for an extended period of time. Meaning more than a week.

I-It's not like I care where you are. But the other students might worry. Just... just do it.
-Tsunderes off into another room-

Contact List

This is where you lot post where you can be reached and such. The school quite obviously needs files on it's students in order to keep tabs on you all.

So do post here in the comments, using the template, within a few days or so of being accepted, and I won't have to track you down and get it myself. Thank you very much.

Nickname: ---
Nation Name: ---
Human Name: ---
Birthday: ---
LJ: ---
MSN: ---
Favorite Shippings: ---
Anything to Add?: ---

There you are! So give that a go and I'm sure in no time you'll be flooded with adds. Shouldn't be too hard, it's a bit similar to the application



Yes, of course you have to fill one of these birds out. Just use the nice template I've prepared for you, then send it to either myself or Gilbert via private message, and we'll consider it, then send, most likely, an approval back to you.

Do not post your application as a comment. It's too bloody messy for us to sort through if you do. Thank you.

Nickname: (What we call you.)
Birthday: (So we can shower you with love on said day.)
Character: (Which bloody character do you want?)
Why?: (What makes you want to play this particular character?)
Personality: (What is your character like? What makes them different? If you are playing an OC, this should be more in-depth than a canon player's.)
Example of my abilities: (At least one paragraph. Use your imagination. You would gain brownie points if it is Gakuen themed.)
How often can I be online?: (How many days?)
Do I agree to the rules? (Yes.)

Most likely, welcome to World W. Academy of Fine Arts!


The rules best be bloody followed by you lot. As Student Council President, I've a few of my own rules to set down, then we'll get to the "official" set.

Arthur's Rules:

1. Don't run in the halls!
2. Get along with everyone!
3. Survival Of The Fittest!
4. Follow my orders!
5. Don't call me Iggy!
6. Don't complain about my food!

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