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No World Like Ours...

A Gakuen Hetalia MSN RP

No World Like Ours
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No World Like Ours...

We are the students of World W. Academy of Fine Arts, and we are the world. There's one of us from every country, and together, we will shape the new world of Arts.

At our academy, exceptionalism is key.

Only one talented student is chosen from each nation to attend, and our diploma is a golden ticket into the career of their dreams.
Located on an island in international waters, we assure that no nation is able to influence the school in their favour. But do not fret, you will not be cut off from the world. Surrounding the school is a small city that brings the culture of many different countries to one urban setting.

Lacking only one thing, you.

The core of every school is it's students, and at World W. Academy, that is no different. Students create, paint, write, compose, and design the world around them, each leaving their own legacy in these hallowed halls.

So what are you waiting for? Your journey begins here.

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Thanks to these people for our beautiful community:

fruitsyle for our gorgeous layout code.
rizumu at DeviantArt for the Gakuen!Prussia and Iggy picture.
kanae at DeviantArt for the Gakuen Hetalia picture.